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The essential wedding emcee script template (by a professional wedding emcee)

Emcee Alex Tan

Have you been arrow-ed by your friend or your sibling to emcee his or her wedding? Chances are you’re getting butterflies in your stomach. But don’t worry, here’s my wedding emcee script template that you can use to prepare for the big day.

Although the template doesn’t account for all the special requests or scenarios that I’ve received or seen in over a decade as a professional wedding emcee, it includes the must-haves of a traditional wedding programme in Singapore, from the first march-in to the cutting of the wedding cake to the Yum Seng and everything in-between.

Emcee opening

Good afternoon / evening, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the [name of the venue]. I’m [your name], host for the wedding banquet of [name of bride] and [name of groom].

Before I start, may I know who here are fans of the bride? (pause for guests to raise their hands) And who here are fans of the groom? (pause for guests to raise their hands) And finally, who here are fans of both the bride and the groom!

While we’re waiting for the bride and the groom to arrive, let’s sit back and enjoy the wedding montage that the lovely couple has put together for us.

First march-in

Ladies and gentlemen, now, for the moment that we’ve been waiting for … let’s all rise and put our hands together to welcome the newlyweds, [name of bride] and [name of groom]!

Cake cutting ceremony

Now, the couple will cut their wedding cake, signifying a start to their beautiful union.

Start of wedding banquet

Today’s lunch / tonight’s dinner will be [style of meal (e.g. plated, buffet etc.)].

(Optional) The bar will remain open throughout lunch / dinner, but you’re also welcome to order directly from your nearest server.

Allow guests to enjoy lunch / dinner for an hour

Morning highlights

I hope all of you’re enjoying the lunch / dinner so far.

Before we welcome the lovely couple back, you may want to know that the videographer has prepared a beautiful Morning Highlights video. Enjoy.

Second march-in

Now, let’s put our hands together to welcome back the newlyweds, [name of bride] and [name of groom]!

Toasting ceremony

(Before the toasting ceremony, be sure to invite the guests to fill up their glasses or get the servers to assist the guests in filling up their glasses.)

At this time, I’d like to invite the couple to the stage / front to pop the champagne. This symbolises a ‘banging’ start to a their marriage, while pouring the champagne will signify everlasting marital bliss for the both of them.

Now, the couple will exchange a nuptial toast to show their respect and love for each other.

Yum Seng

Now, may I invite the couple’s parents, siblings, bridesmaids and groomsmen to the stage / front to join us for the Yum Seng ceremony.

1st toast: Wishing the couple’s everlasting love and respect for each other!

2nd toast: Wishing the couple and everyone the best of health and wealth!

3rd toast: Wishing the couple many offspring in the near future!

Thank you everyone for the very energetic Yum Seng!

Best man’s speech

Now, I’d like to invite the best man to say a few words.

Couple’s speech

The newlyweds have also prepared a speech. Without further ado, please give [name of bride] and [name of groom] a big round of applause!

Table-to-table photo taking

[Name of bride] and [name of groom], thank you for your heartfelt words. The couple will now commence their photo taking with all guests, starting with the VIP table.

End of wedding banquet

We’ve come to the end of the banquet. On behalf of the couple and their parents, thank you everyone for taking the time today to share in the joy of this beautiful union.

Here’s wishing everyone the best of health and wealth. I’m [your name], goodbye!


Don’t forget you can always personalise this wedding emcee script template to suit your friend’s or sibling’s wedding. My favourite is to add a wedding game (of course, be sure to consult the couple on this beforehand), while anecdotes about the couple would also help keep the mood brisk.

Want an easier way to carry this wedding emcee script template with you? I’ve organised it into a pack of index cards that you can download below:

The Essential Wedding Emcee Script Template

Have a dynamic wedding programme and need a professional wedding emcee? I’m always on hand to learn more about you and your fiancé or fiancée and provide you with the tips and advice to deliver your wedding programme in a smooth, fun and engaging way.

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